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?What Makes Our Licensing Course Different
Our signature module-Pre-requisite To Success- is the key to obtaining a passing grade on the RIBO Level  I, Licensing/equivalency exams.

Experience with over 3,000 learners has shown us that failure to pass the RIBO exam is primarily the result of not knowing how to prepare for and write the RIBO exam, rather than lack of understanding of the actual course content.  Hence the development of our  "Pre-Requisite to Success" Module. 

It consists of four Pre-Requisite to Success on-line interactions:
              1 -Tips toward Success
              2 -Discovery of Learning Style Preference
              3 -Study and Exam Preparation based on Learning Preference 
              4 -Effective  Exam Writing Tips and Techniques         

Pre-Requisite to Success,  is the first module that should completed.  It provides guidance towards successful completion of the licensing modules. 

All of our modules were developed to meet the needs of Millennials and Gen Z learners who grew up in the digital age and who demand learning content be quick, easy, effective and entertaining.

Insurance content is presented in small,  innovative, bite-sized learning packages designed to meet the needs of today's learners.